Editorial Policy

The Elsenham Village Web Site is a non-profit-making venture, its modest costs are covered by local business sponsorship and its all built and operated by local volunteers. It is produced for general interest, entertainment and to supplement the village magazine and other publications. It owes no allegiance to any political, religious or ethnic groups and aims to even-handedly support all local interest groups. However should a political party make an important statement relevant to the village it will be treated as news and published but the editor will not allow it to generate a forum of argumentation.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the editorial information contained within it is accurate and to this end we will publish source material or sources thereof alongside comment.  As general policy we do not name persons involved in activities covered unless they are fully aware that we are doing so. Where photographs of people are published covering local events, names and especially addresses will not be given out particularly where children are involved.

We are exempt from the Data Protection Act because we neither hold nor wish to collect any personal information. We are also not affected by the Freedom of Information Act because everything we have is here unless its gone obsolete and we have deleted it. Once deleted its gone for good, sorry, its not “reasonable” to expect amateur ventures to have unlimited storage capacity and you will find that word “reasonable” in the Act.

Where articles supplied by others are reproduced whole, or links are provided to other web-sites, the opinions expressed in them are those of their respective authors, any person finding anything damaging or disagreeable should contact the web-master immediately using the e-mail address at the foot of the home page. We have no funds with which to fight any law-suites so we will simply withdraw any offending material and publish the reasons for doing so including retractions and apologies where appropriate. This opportunity however is taken to point out that regardless of perceived damage caused, a publication is only libellous if it can first be shown to be untrue and the onus of proof will be on the plaintiff. Also if we are reporting a statement made by others elsewhere, that turns out to be contentious, we will both remove the offending article or link and refer the complainer to the source, through these pages. Note that the dispute itself can often prove to be newsworthy, especially if the web-site had revealed facts that a person had wished to conceal.

Persons using this web-site are formally warned, that in view of the amateur nature of their resources the authors and the web-master are prone to error and can accept no responsibility for any consequential damage or losses arising from the use or misuse of any of the material presented in good faith, as such action will be deemed to be beyond reasonable control. All participants will assert that they have used all due diligence and taken all reasonably practicable precautions to ensure that their work accurately reflected the available information so that a complaint will be referred to that source information rather than argued directly.

This page was originally entitled “disclaimer” but in our ever changing legal system we now find that waivers and disclaimers no longer work. Any clause in any agreement which has the effect of abrogating a statutory right now has the effect of rendering said agreement void. Persons contributing articles should bear this in mind before making any extravagant or defamatory statement. The web-master will assume that the author is in possession of sufficient evidence to substantiate any allegation so published but will withdraw any article subject to challenge, immediately and will not participate in that dispute except as a witness.

Where above we state an intention to even-handedly support all local interest groups that does not give a right to anybody to add material clearly running counter to the style of the domain. On refusal, communications becoming abusive will be permanently assigned to the e-mail junk folder and automatically deleted later, unread.