The “Nanny State” has been doing its best to ruin the show for many years and the original crew was getting older so when escalating insurance costs made a thumping great loss likely the old team was defeated. All that is now changed however, a new team is in place. Various changes will be seen, no more marquee, instead the Memorial Hall will be open serving mulled wine and other hot drinks and the Hog Roast will be nearby. Some of the old crew are still involved (growing old is mandatory growing up is optional!). The hall will open at 6 pm and the fireworks will start at 7 pm. There will be plenty of car parking space but please follow the marshall’s directions. If you are carrying disabled persons please tell the gatekeepers as we will hold the more easily accessed spaces for you.

The bonfire sadly was impossible, the perceived safety issues have no basis in reality but regulations and insurance costs ruled it out. Properly constructed and placed there is no such thing as a dangerous bonfire, there are just stupid people and they will always be stupid regardless of making it illegal. It’s not a carbon emissions thing either because our bonfires were always waste wood and foliage which when “ecologically” composted releases exactly the same carbon back into the atmosphere because if there is nothing left wherever else could the carbohydrates have gone. (second year general science carbon cycle; look it up if you can’t remember it, complete aerobic decomposition is chemically identical to burning, it just takes longer!)

There will be a large team of stewards on hand, all briefed in terms of safety and public order as we are determined that as always our show is a fit place to bring our children.

Do not bring your own fireworks onto the field, not even sparklers, (sorry kids!) the law now really is that tight and our insurers require us to warn you. We have, so now the responsibility is yours!