Flower Show

I always hoped I could get a Flower Show Society member to write a history but after all these years its not going to happen so I’ll do it (unless after you’ve read it you think you can do better).

My wife and I came on the scene 30 years ago the house we bought had a good sized plot which Jean wanted as a garden, I wanted the detached double garage for a workshop. The whole area was severely blighted by the then ongoing Airport Enquiry so we got the property at a very good price.Fairly soon Jean discovered the Flower Show and took a keen interest. In those days the show was dominated by farmers, market gardeners and estate gardeners. Even in those days there were often grumbles when professionals walked off with the trophies with produce quality way beyond amateur efforts. Jean’s reaction to this was talking to the professionals and picking their brains. Later the judges were provided by the RHS and Jean then not only spent hours talking to them but also joined then  studied the RHS literature. Eventually she started to win and has now won the Shield 13 times. All the old timers have now gone and Jean was being criticised for dominating the show.  Now, this year there are a lot of new faces and Alan Taylor won overall but the silver has been spread much thinner.

The Shield was actually donated by the Parish Council and is specifically for the exhibitor with the most points gained overall.

The trophies have been donated to the society over a great many years and are a fine collection. The large Parish Council shield (see winners) is the main prize and resides normally in a cabinet in the foyer of the Village Hall, to win it you must accumulate enough points from the various classes and sections to beat all your rivals. If you win it, your name goes on a mini shield on it and you get a replica to keep. The other trophies are a mixture of cups, goblets, bowls, platters and medals. Its best to win the medals because the others have to be given back for the next Flower Show.



Due to overruns in previous years triggering extra charges the Chairman stated that there was to be no photographs of the trophy winners collecting their prizes, just the usual mobshot at the end. There were a great many niches this year so with nothing better to do I went off to dismantle them. The auction lasted for ages and seemed to make a considerable sum of money. If you want to go back to photos make your opinions known to the committee, I am not a member, I just do set-up, take-down and the door now, knowing nothing about gardening.