The CD “Elsenham Village” is now ready. 205 old photographs in an album software package covering around 200 years of our history. The disc is set up to load itself and then the software loads itself too, presenting you with a screen full of thumbnail views to choose from. When you use the mouse to point at the thumbnails a pop-up caption appears and if its the picture you want, double click the mouse and there it is. The only machines where the automatics don’t work seems to be those where the users have deliberately turned the auto-run facilities off. The software will also run an automatic slide show if you prefer or you can step through one at a time in sequence.

All the computers used to produce the disc are

The Millennium book is now long out of print but is  available on CD-ROM. Most of the old pictures have now also been recovered and inserted between the text pages then the whole lot has been converted to a .PDF file so that it loads via the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Rather than us trying to reprint it you may now read it on your computer and print any bits that you are particularly interested in yourself.

running fully up to date i n d u s tr y standard antivirus software.

5.00 for picture CD Rom & 5.00 for Millenium book on CD Rom. Plus 1.00 for post and packing.

Contact Ray on or send direct to Ray Franklin

 "The Bungalow" Stansted Road. Elsenham. Bishops Stortford. Herts. CM22 6LL.

Cheques payable to R.Franklin (Vice - Chairman & Village Photo Archivist)