New Cooker

Hirers of the Hall may now have access to the School’s new equipment namely a Colsten Hostess. It is the double oven version. Either the hirer (given proof of relevant qualifications acceptable to the school) may use the equipment or a trained and qualified person may be provided subject to a fee. The fee will depend on circumstances so the subject needs to be discussed at the point of hire.

The model the school has acquired is a H35722 Colston Hostess and is the double oven version of the range.The right hand section is designed for 180C max and the left 150C max. Both run from nominated (reinforced) 13A standard power sockets.

The above is to be seen in conjunction with a range of other units providing a number of hob rings and a small conventional oven, plus a domestic standard microwave oven and refrigerator.

The kitchen overall is relatively new having been recently brought up to full compliance with the current (stainless steel) regulations.

Reference to GN above is the Gastronorm Standard, the equipment being adapted to the standardised food containers seen on the right in the illustration above. On our model both sides are so equipped although the left hand side is primarilly intended to keep food warm rather than primary cooking.