Save Our Village

All the local Parishes have combined to form a campaign group to fight the massive development plans that our infrastructure cannot support. There is no need for me to duplicate their efforts as they have their own web-site click the button below to go there and keep up to date.

Be very careful however as politics have crept in. Early proposals involved limited in-fill developments but were defeated by the Parish Council by citing congestion and hazard at Grove Hill. Much later when we had a Lib-Dem District Council they came up with a set of options the favourite being option 3 of 3000 plus houses to the North East. The plus was never properly resolved which meant that the proposal was open ended. Later the Lib-Dems were replaced by a Tory Council who resolved the plus with an option 4 of 4,200 which was hugely unpopular as was the previous option 3. Then came the eco-town proposal which caused the villages to mobilise and fight.

We may have beaten the eco-town but options 3 &4 are still there. There is even some talk of a working party trying to come up with a compromise package of “acceptable” in-fill.

There is no acceptable level of in-fill estate building without Grove Hill being drastically improved. Odd singleton developments cannot be prevented and that is already leading to grid-lock at Grove Hill.

Read the statement on the Home Page by Lord Hanningfield we only need wait for this government to end.