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 This sheet should be read in conjunction with the Club Rules and Constitution which are published within the courts - a copy is appended to this sheet for everyone’s information. Suggestions for improving the information given and how it is issued are always welcome and should be passed onto any committee member.

History of the Club

The Club was formed in 1976 and the two courts were built largely thanks to volunteer labour from prospective members and friends.  A loan was received from the Parish Council of the day, and this was repaid within several years.  Over time the facilities have been improved, with a Club Hut and floodlighting being installed.  More recently, the Club has offered Associate Membership of the Bowls Club at a reduced rate for all of those Members who wish to join.  ETC is also affiliated to the Lawn Tennis Association which gives the club and its members further benefits, including an annual allocation of tickets to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.


The Club is located in the centre of Elsenham, on the Village Playing Fields off Stansted Road,.  It is next to the Elsenham Bowls Club and Memorial Hall .  The ground is actually owned by the Parish Council, but is fenced off in the normal way for tennis courts, thus giving protection to the courts and facilities.

Within the fenced area, next to the courts, is a compound and hut.  There are two separate gates, with padlocks, to the courts and the compound. The hut, which is also secured by a padlock, contains the control boxes for the floodlights and court booking sheets where Members can pre-book courts if they are not already pre-booked for matches or coaching etc. 


The committee for 2008 - 2009 elected at the AGM in February is as follows:


Mike Stiles

The Maples, Green Road, Rickling Green

01799 543495


Petra Studholme

26 Leigh Drive

01279 814667


David Verlander

7 Broom Farm

01279 814227


Jacky Booth

5 The Maltings, Broxted

01371 870763


Paul Burt

23 Sunnyside, Stansted

07973 543808


Alex Drake

South View, Park Road

01279 812881


Jeremy Drake

South View, Park Road

01279 812881


Elaine Wyld

30 Leigh Drive

01279 817608

Club Night

Every Tuesday (weather permitting) from 7.00pm onwards.  ALL members are welcome.  Balls are supplied and 1 is charged as a contribution towards the cost of the lights and balls.

Team Practice NightEvery Thursday from 7.00pm, weather permitting.  Members who play (or would like to play) in club teams are welcome.  Balls are supplied and 1 is charged as a contribution towards the cost of the lights and balls.

Club Afternoon

Club Afternoon is held on Sundays from 2.00 – 5.00pm, weather permitting.  Sunday afternoons are popular for families and social tennis.  ALL members are welcome.  Please bring your own balls.  

Bowls Club

Associate Members of the Bowls Club may use the Bowls Club facilities (except the Bowling Green) whenever the club is open - generally every evening except Sundays from 7.00pm to 11.00pm and during Bowls Club matches.  Associate Members are subject to the Club’s rules and you should carry your Bowls Club membership card with you if you intend to use the bar or other facilities.


Upon joining every member family and individual member (except juniors under 11) is given a key to the Tennis Club.  A single key, which opens all three padlocks, gives access to the courts, the compound and the hut.  If you lose your key, then you will be charged for the replacement at a cost of 3.50.

Please ensure that the courts, hut and compound are locked when you leave if no one else is playing.


The floodlights are controlled from boxes in the hut, one for each court.  They are operated by tokens, which cost 1.50 each and last for 35 minutes, which allows for a warm up period.  The lights are on a timeswitch which will automatically cut the power at 10.30pm.

For inter-club matches, club night and other committee authorised events, the lights will be operated by a key. Tokens to operate the lights can be obtained at any reasonable time from:

  • Anne Player   2 Cranmore Close 01279 813482
  • Petra Studholme  26 Leigh Drive  01279 814667
  • Paul Burt      07973 543808
  • Please note:
  • If the lights go out for any reason, you must wait at least 15 minutes before restarting them.
  • Please report any problems with the lights to any committee member as soon as possible.


Visitors are welcome on the courts if not being used by members.  If you bring a visitor onto the courts you are responsible for their behaviour and also for collecting the relevant fee (2 for an adult and 1 for a student and 50p for child under 16).  Please pass any money collected to our Treasurer or a Committee Member.


Coaching is available from Monica Sutherland (for more information, contact her directly on 01279 850289 or  Monica leads junior coaching on a squad basis on a Thursday afternoon and provides individual coaching for both adults and juniors at other times by prior arrangement.

Marc Squire is also an LTA approved DCA Instructor Tennis Coach who gives individual coaching for both juniors and adults at ETC.  For more info, contact him on at 07900 933 834 or

Last but not least we have Paul Burt who is a qualified PTR Tennis Instructor and self-confessed tennis nut.  Paul is setting up lessons for juniors aged 8 and 16 on a Saturday afternoon and is also available for private lessons by contacting him on 07973 543 808 or (or have a look at his website

Matches and Tournaments

The Club plays competitive league matches against other clubs in the Mixed Doubles, Ladies and Men’s Doubles.  We are always looking to expand our pool of players, so if you would like to play please contact:

  • Men’s Doubles  Hussain Shaida  01279 815955
  • Ladies Doubles  Lorna Yeadon  01279 817184
  • Mixed Doubles  Petra Studholme 01279 814667
  • These leagues operate in two sessions - winter and summer.

We also organise summer and winter tournaments.  All members are encouraged to enter.  Cups and other trophies are awarded to the winners.  Partners can be arranged for those who do not have one for doubles matches. Full details are given in the regular Club Newsletters.

  • The summer tournament is a general knock-out in categories:
  • Men’s & Ladies Singles, Men’s & Ladies Doubles, Mixed & Veterans Mixed Doubles.
  • The winter tournament is a round robin between Mixed Doubles.
  • We also try and arrange other day competitions as and when we can.

Fund Raising

The Club occasionally runs fund raising activities.  At present these comprise two Quiz Nights per year which yield useful income and help keep our subscriptions the lowest in the vicinity.  Please support these events by making up a table.  Any other suggestions for fund raising are always welcome.

Tennis Balls

New tennis balls can be purchased at a cost of 4 per can of 4 balls from Petra Studholme, 26 Leigh Drive. 

Racquet Restringing

Racquets can be re-strung by a club member quickly, professionally and at a reasonable cost.  Please contact Alan Verlander on 01279 647060 for further details.

Website and Email

ETC has its own website where up-to-date information can be found including all events scheduled and downloads of all forms and newsletters.  You can also reach us via email at

Thank you for your interest and attention - please continue to enjoy your tennis.